The Main Problem

The main problem we seek to address is the isolation of the asylum seekers and the new comers women in the Swedish society from the system and the whole social Swedish life


There are many reasons for this isolation, we have to say first that the people are used to be afraid of the things they don’t know!

Here we can talk about the language barrier, the different culture, the different way of thinking, the different quality of life, the gap between the different nationalities among the new women themselves, the lack of information, and the most important thing we have to consider is that these women faced different kinds of difficulties, which makes them sensitive, fragile, feeling unsecured and extra afraid of having another hard experience!!

They are extremely strong from inside, but the situations they are in made it a little tricky for them to start a move, so, we have as a result a group of strong inactivated women confused and in urgent need to feel safe, accepted and empowered. This effects can affect the whole society if we will talk about these women as a part of it (and of course they are).


In relation to this problem, we can see a group of women who are totally in the darkness towards understanding their rights and practicing it, they have of course the right of participation for example and they are afraid of practicing it!!

And they have the right to have the power on their kids raising them in the proper way, but they are afraid to use it (in this strange society) because of the lack of information, and many other rights they have but they are not able to practice!, As a duty bearer, our organization is talking this responsibility to empower those right holders and provide them with the needed awareness and knowledge to stand up for their rights and to feel alive and existed again after their difficult horrible journey out of war or any other hard situation.

The Large Goal

To help and prepare the newcomers women to be included in the Swedish society in the best way by providing needed information and enhancing the dialogue between them and the Swedish women.


  • Creating a meeting point gathering the women from different backgrounds, asylum seekers, new comers and Swedish women.
  • Enhancing the safety feeling for these women.
  • Raising the awareness of their duties and Rights in this society as women and as human beings.
  • Raising the knowledge of the Swedish society orientation.
  • Enhancing the cultural dialogue between the different nationalities women including the Swedish women.
  • Introducing the new comers women to the labor market.

Impact and Outcomes

  • Improve the participation of the newcomers women in the society.
  • Improve the self-confidence for the newcomers women by raising the Swedish language and Swedish society awareness level


Provide Swedish language, Swedish society awareness training and enhance the social, self and human rights awareness for 60 -90 womenmax.

We will divide the project into 3 period, 4 month each, and we will register a new group of women for each period. (20 -30 women each), this is because we do not want to lose the participents through the long period and to learn more from the experience and to be able to improve the services according to the needs.

In each period, we will finish with a workshop (form) to ask participants about the project and use comments in the next step.



Support Group Network-SGN

Röda Korset

Ineer wheel


Svenska Kyrkan

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